About & contact

Howdy! I’m Sarah Lewis, the nerd behind this site. I’m a web developer by profession, but this site is the sidest of side projects—not even a lab as much as a stack of scribbled notes on worn scratch paper.

The name is a nod to one of my favorite concepts: leverage.

“Pico” is a teeny, tiny prefix that represents, in this case, how a small change can make a big difference, thanks to leverage (the mechanical concept, not the TV show, though I loved that, too).

The connection between that concept and the content of this site might be a bit loose at times, but I’ve found that most things I do and care about seem to eventually find their way back to optimization, getting the most bang for your buck, and making the most of what you have already.

No doubt the types of things I write about will change over time, but as I’m starting this iteration, the plan is to celebrate ridiculous holidays (because celebrations are an end and a means), enjoy good food that also can fit into a healthy lifestyle (even if the dish itself “isn’t healthy”), and point to the best way of doing everything.

Feel free to get in touch via Twitter or email.